10 Stoic Traits That Will Make You Happy

What feels good isn’t necessarily good for you.

A girl with a smile, lying on a beach in yellow dress.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Here are the ten traits that I consolidated into my life to lead it more peacefully —

1. Focus On What You Can Control

2. What Feels Good Isn’t Necessarily Good For You

Joy > Pleasure

3. Anxiety Is a Choice

4. Stoic People Are Determined

5. Statistics > Opinions

There is immense power in journaling, that’s why all top-tier people do it.

6. Privilege To Endure Pain

7. Safety = Loss of Freedom

Take that leap of faith.

8. Nobody Care Unless They Show

9. Calm in Chaos

Responsibility is the only way to manifest.

10. People issues = Personal issues.

In a nutshell,

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