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Arpit Falcon
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I find front-end development a lot tougher than back-end development. Generally, in backend development, I know what I’m doing and how everything is interacting with each other, whether the code will run or not. But, when it comes to the front-end the whole story is different.

It is countless hours…

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With the growing trend of technology and coding, every year, millions of software engineers are emerging and getting into the development arena.

It is important for all of us to be at the peak of our potential and constantly improve.

Here, we will talk about the top 5 skills anyone…

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Working for yourself is the new cool now.

We all want to escape the comforts of our high-paying job and the safety that comes with it. …

Photo of a network. Arpit Falcon. Why you should learn data structures and algorithms
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In the fast pace of technological advances, there are some constants.

Data Structure is one of the most fundamental subjects in Computer Science. It is the basis to develop your thinking in terms of code.

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Humans work much better when they fall into systems.

About 80% of the daily tasks that we do are on autopilot. The tasks and steps are wired into the brain so that they take minimum mental energy to facilitate.

In the last year, I found that having small routines before…

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A software developer is one of the most rational and creative jobs in the world right now. As a developer, you have to think creatively to come up with the solutions in new unique ways and then think rationally to code it up.

But even though a lot of people…

Arpit Falcon | Photo of an eraser
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I have been coding for the past one and a half years, almost every day. The journey till now has been fantastic. The ability to create something valuable out of thin air by writing a bunch of characters is mind-blowing.

During the lockdown, I feel everyone must have had their…

The previous year has taught us that being master in our skills is vital for any industry. Companies laid off the ones with the average level of competency the first. But you can't blame anyone in the process. …

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For the past month, I have developed a habit of scrolling in Medium rather than Instagram or Twitter.

I have realized that Medium is much better than mindlessly looking at other people’s pictures and rants. …

Arpit Falcon

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