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Arpit Falcon
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I find front-end development a lot tougher than back-end development. Generally, in backend development, I know what I’m doing and how everything is interacting with each other, whether the code will run or not. But, when it comes to the front-end the whole story is different.

It is countless hours of googling, trying different things, and experimenting.

I’m not a great front-end developer. So, I decided to improve my skills and went out to find resources from where I can practice.

Learning front-end frameworks like React, Angular is well and good. …

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With the growing trend of technology and coding, every year, millions of software engineers are emerging and getting into the development arena.

It is important for all of us to be at the peak of our potential and constantly improve.

Here, we will talk about the top 5 skills anyone can have as a developer. These skills are often overlooked by developers as usually we chase the trendy language or framework.

These skills will improve you regardless of what type of developer you are. …

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Who is an exceptional programmer in your opinion?

Are you imagining someone who writes great code, makes almost production-ready applications every time, and is a lone ranger? I used to think this for a long time.

Programming is not a single-player game. We have to collaborate and work in teams to make that huge application that will serve millions of users.

A good team affects you in thousands of direct and indirect ways. It is essential for our growth and the output we produce. …

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Dictionaries are my favorite data structure. It is called HashMaps in Java and Maps in C++.

A brief intro about the dictionaries— It is a data structure that maps your key-value pairs. You can store another data structure corresponding to a “key”.

The speed of the lookup and the way dictionaries stores data are elegant. I can use dictionaries in place of any other data structure (I know it is not efficient, I’m just saying).

I’ve been using dictionaries for some time now but I didn’t know about a few methods until recently that give much more power to leverage…

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Python is one of the most popular programming languages. The growth is over the roof. It is even justifiable since the language is very versatile and offers a range of built-in functions.

Today we will be looking at almost all the string methods you will use in python. This will serve as a little cheat sheet for you.

Popular Methods


Converts the first character of the string to the upper case.

name = 'john'
capitalizedName = name.capitalize()
## John


Converts the first character of every word in a string.

sentence = 'John is playing'
titleCase = sentence.title()
print(titleCase)## John Is…

Beginner Projects to learn programming. Photo of a rocket. Photo by Arpit Falcon.
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Let me break it to you. Programming is not easy. It is one of the tasks that require a massive deal of mental energy. But, it is fun. The dopamine hit that you get after solving a programming challenge is indescribable.

Creating something by typing a bunch of characters is nothing less than magic. With programming, you can create anything you can think of. The only limitation here is your imagination.

But there are a lot of mistakes that a beginner programmer may make while learning. Here is one approach that triumphs over others.

Project-based learning is the unparalleled way…

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Every developer should know the basics of designing and every designer should know the basics of coding.

I am trying to learn front-end development for the past few weeks and I’m not gonna lie, it is hard. So, I talked with some of my friends who are already in the role and they were surprised that I was trying to make websites without any mockup.

UI/UX design is a core part of front-end development but initially, I ignored it like a lot of developers out there. …

There are a lot of ways to improve your programming. You can pick up different tools, use debuggers, and have a cup of strong coffee. While all these work well, there are some unconventional ways that made programming seem like a play to me.

Naval Ravikant, one of the top VC investors in the Silicon Valley says that something that feels like play to you and work to others, will make you invaluable.

Here are some ways that improved my programming.

1. Have Some Fun

Programming is difficult. There is no doubt about that. …

Best Coding Practice and Habits. Photo of a boy in love with coding. Photo by Arpit Falcon
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One thing in coding is certain that it is hard. It requires a lot of brainpower and focus to write a good piece of code. Solving real-world challenges by code is not a piece of cake.

Coding is one of those jobs where you have to mix your creativity with logic.

Over the past few months, I have been trying to make myself better every day. On the way, I found few coding habits which pay off well in the long term. They help in some direct and mostly indirect ways that you won’t expect.

I’m sharing those coding habits…

Arpit Falcon

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