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Arpit Falcon

The one thing to learn to master everything.

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The one skill to master to become effective in everything you do is .

Since childhood, we are told by almost everyone to be disciplined and to focus on the task on hand. The sad part is no one taught us how to learn discipline and how to practice it. People expect others to know it.

You can learn how to be disciplined, just like any other skill you may have mastered previously. The fundamental way — to practice more often applies to learning how to be disciplined, too.

You have to practice to be disciplined more.

The beautiful thing…

4 Step process to learn any skill at a 10x pace in 2021.

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We all want to master our craft to reach new heights and accomplish more incredible things. But, very few of us apply the efficient approach to learning and often gravitate towards grinding hours, getting burnt out, and finally giving up when it gets non-rewarding.

Here are four steps you can follow to optimize your learning process and master the skill.

1. Find the right teacher for you.

The first step to learning or mastering any skill is to do meta-research on your preferred craft.

By meta-research, I mean that you should do superficial level research on the different sub-topics, practical applications, and the time required to learn…

Implement Multivariate Linear Regression from scratch on python without using sklearn.

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Linear regression is a type of machine learning algorithm which attempts to model the relationship between features and target variables by fitting a linear equation to the observed data.

The linear equation in multi-variate data is given by —

Y = β0​+ β1​x1​ + β1​x2​ +…+βn​xn + c

here, β are the different slopes for respective features and c is a constant (bias).

I won’t bore you with all the theory of linear regression and jump straight into the implementation of it using python. You can find the full notebook here.

Step 1 — Import important libraries and load the dataset

# Importing the necessary libraries import numpy as np…

What feels good isn’t necessarily good for you.

A girl with a smile, lying on a beach in yellow dress.
A girl with a smile, lying on a beach in yellow dress.
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

At the beginning of this year, I was emotional, anxious, and a stressed person. I cared about everything going around me. I noticed people’s tone when they talked to me. I overanalyzed things. I often had the habit of going into the spiral loop of overthinking situations, even though they had no real significance. This habit took a total toll on me when the pandemic hit, and I was left alone in my house with all my stressful thoughts.

But the lockdown gave me an ample amount of time to deal with my thoughts and learn how to shift them…

9 Laws on how to be successful in your business.

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It’s been more than a year since coronavirus almost took over the whole world. Thousands of people were put off by their company. My brother was no exception in this. In the middle of the year, my brother was put off his company in June and left with no active income. Just then, he thought of starting freelancing as a web developer.

Within four months after he got his first project, he started earning even more than what his company was paying him. Last month, he started his own company along with some of his co-workers. …

How to set goal that motivates you to be productive and perform at your peak level.

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Goal setting as a motivator is a fairly new concept. Earlier in the 50s, people thought that to be productive you had to be happy. Your mind when not loaded with anything and without any deadlines would be happier and thus, will make you more productive. For this reason, companies rarely gave any deadlines to people but expected huge returns.

The theory of goals as a motivator was tested on lumberjacks in the 60s. They were given high and hard goals to produce more…

Know the #1 reason why you are procrastinating, Know how to beat it, and perform at world-class productivity.

One of the biggest enemies of humans in the 21st century is procrastination. All the distractions around us have made it even easier to procrastinate on a task and delay it till the last hour and sometimes, even drop the whole task altogether. Tim Urban in his Ted Talk, Inside a Mind of a Master Procrastinator has given one of the best analogy about the monkey mind we all possess that distracts us from the important tasks at hand.

But, is it…

Super Foods to help you perform at a superhuman level, and a few of them will tickle your taste buds, too.

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We all have tried to be productive during this lockdown, be our alpha version, and work at superhuman levels. But, we often overwork ourselves and have brain fog, tiredness, or lose clarity and understanding of what we are doing.
These are foods that you can consume as your mid-meal snacks or make a smoothie to fresh start your brain.

1. Avocado

These days Avocados are often referred to as a Super Food, which is not surprising considering its health benefits. It’s…

What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? — Gary Keller

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1. Failing to think big can limit your opportunities.

When J.K. Rowling conceived the idea of Harry Potter, she envisioned seven books about life at Hogwarts before she wrote even the first chapter of the first one.

She was not afraid of thinking big: starting with a grand vision of success before even beginning to work toward it. It’s hard to imagine she would have achieved such great success had she failed to think so prominently in the first place.

Yet, for most people, the thought of…

Recursion made easy by applying one of these six patterns onto every question.

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Recursion, you may be slightly uncomfortable just by hearing the term. One of the core reasons people find recursion so tricky is that they don’t have an exact model of interpreting recursion as an approach.

People solve various recursive problems and see different approaches to using it, but still don’t feel confident about using it. It’s just because every situation is entirely different that it makes it hard to figure out what’s going on.

This article will go through 6 recursive core patterns that may categorize all-recursive…

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